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“How do we prepare for the future of drone technology?”


“What jobs will drone technology create?”


“How can my organisation and industry maximise the opportunity that drone technology presents?”


The future of drones is here, with unimaginable and incredible applications for numerous industries and sectors. Run in collaboration with Business Models Inc, the Ideation Hub at the WoDC seeks to capture the incredible insights and thoughts of its delegates to effectively design and inform the future of drone technology.


If you’re involved in these key topic areas, and are interested in the application of drone technology to your field, then you’ll want to join.


  • Planning and infrastructure

    • Considering the opportunities drone technologies present, how do we physically and logistically plan for this in urban environments?

  • Fire and emergency services

    • How can drones be utilised in fire and emergency situations effectively?

  • Citizen security and law enforcement

    • How can drone technology be utilised to ensure the safety of citizens and officers?

  • Education (primary, secondary, and tertiary)

    • How do we prepare students for the opportunities that drone technologies present? What are the jobs of the future in drone technology?

  • Agriculture and the environment

    • How can drone technology be leveraged to protect the environment/create more efficient agricultural practices?

  • Drone product development

    • How do we meet emerging consumer trends?


With one pop-up station per topic area, university students will facilitate future-thinking conversations during the Thursday networking session to understand various perspectives and scope the future applications of drone technology together. More so, you will collectively scope the gap in achieving this future, and brainstorm the resources and/or skills that are needed to achieve this future. 


The Ideation Hub takes networking to the next level as you meet and meaningfully engage with like-minded delegates of the congress, actively shaping the future of drone technology.

A ticket for Ideation Hub at the Thursday evening Networking Reception is included included with full Congress registrations. If you are not a delegate and would like to attend, you can purchase a ticket by clicking here

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