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Register for a workshop and the Congress to receive 15% off your Congress registration fee!* Select any registration type and enter code: 15WSD

*Discount must be applied at the time of registration and cannot be applied retrospectively. 

Discount does not apply to Design a Drone Workshop.

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Workshops will be held before the Congress on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 September. View workshop details below.



Location Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Exhibition Hall 1, Hospitality Suite

Date Wednesday 25 September 2019

Time 9:30am - 4:30pm

Cost $225

How to get the best out of your drone -

Drone pilots are invited to attend this creative drone Masterclass run by Carys Kaiser AKA The Drone Lass, -BBC Academy trainer, drone pilot, TV producer-director and camera operator. BBC, UK Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC Sport.  Drone flight instructor in the UK. 


This masterclass, through case studies, practical demos and discussion, will give you tips, tricks and industry insights to help ensure you are in the best place for showcasing your drone skills and that you can make the most out of your drone – what content has a higher chance of engaging audiences and potential clients and what are the optimum settings on your drone camera?

The masterclass will focus predominantly be on video footage, but we will touch on stills photography too.


How to go about creating a high quality showreel to help you obtain a booking in a competitive market?

Carys has gathered and edited the best bits of footage for BBC showreels that have been shown internationally showing the best of BBC programming. She will be passing on skills and knowledge to you – providing insider info’ on what makes the most the impact and what to show in your drone showreel to make it highly engaging. Learning from others and seeing what good looks like is incredibly valuable in bringing this to life – she has curated a range of work from a number of sources that you will go through, looking at what works brilliantly and what could be improved. Most importantly, we will spend time looking at your own showreels (where available). What codec should you deliver in? What software is available to edit with, to rescue footage and to colour grade and a whole load more insider hits and tips.

The showreel has now resulted in a booking! How do you make sure your work for a client is successful?

Once you have a booking to shoot drone footage for someone, how do you work with the director on set to make sure you deliver the right product for your client? She will be demystifying on set etiquette and teaching how you can speak in a way that ensures directors and filmmakers will be clear with your intention. She will also cover the basics of pre-flight planning and a checklist of on and off set dos and don'ts.

What is also covered?

  • Shooting and editing

  • What codecs will your clients want? - learn about codecs

  • A quick look at the different editing software available

  • Hints and tips for the edit when do you cut and when do you leave footage 

  • Shooting a drone sequence and what that means

  • Flying for the edit and planning those shots as part of your flight plans

  • What options are out there to help rescue footage that isn't what you expected to bring back


Get the best out of the drone you have; don't feel you have to buy the very latest drone to achieve stunning results. 

Please feel free to bring a laptop with video you have shot with a drone - or showreels as there is a practical element where Carys will help you edit your own work down. If you don't have this don't worry as there are plenty of examples to learn from. Feedback via email is also available if we run out of time. 


This masterclass will take place 9.30am till 4.30pm with a break for lunch - please bring a packed lunch as it will be an opportunity to meet other drone pilots. 



Hosted by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, Office of Industrial Relations

Location Queensland University of Technology (QUT), OJW Function Room, Level 12, S Block

Date Wednesday 25 September 2019

Time 10:00am - 12:00pm

Cost $110

Learn how drone technology can reduce risks for workers and improve business productivity at this World of Drones Congress workshop. 

Case studies will be presented by businesses using drones to eliminate or mitigate work health and safety hazards and risks. 

Hear from:
• Queensland Drones who use drones for industrial surveys and mine site infrastructure assessments.

• Hover UAV who use drones for shark research, conservation and public safety surveillance. They record all fauna sighted to help researchers build a picture of what species are prevalent at certain times of the year.

• XM2 Industrial who monitor crop health in harsh conditions over large geographical areas, removing the need for manual surveying. They also use drones to inspect wind turbines, eliminating work at height risks. 

• Sitesee who use drones for cell tower inspection to reduce climbs by staff, thereby improving safety while minimising cost and maximising tower usage.

• V-TOL Aerospace Pty Limited has demonstrated accelerating Broad Area Disaster Recovery using Drones, AI and advanced BVLOS operations. In 2018 the World Bank and DFAT contracted V-TOL to survey Tongatapu, post Cyclone Gita. 

• Queensland Ship Surveyors Pty Ltd (QSS) use a collision tolerant drone to inspect inaccessible, complex, cluttered, confined spaces as well as above ground structures.


Queensland school students will have the opportunity to flex their creativity in the hotspot of drone innovation. The World of Drones Education in conjunction with HackathonsAustralia and the World of Drones Congress are hosting the Design a Drone Workshop for local students to design solutions around the Congress’ themes. Topics include the Environment, Safety, Emergency and Humanitarian, just to name a few. 

The purpose of the workshop is to give students an opportunity to meet those who work in the drone industry and to solve real world problems with the use of drones. Prizes include the DJI Tello Drones which will be presented to each student member of the winning teams for the best design and the best concept.

  • The workshop will be held on September 25th in Brisbane, Australia

  • The workshop is aimed at students in years 7-12 

  • During the session, students will be placed in groups of three

  • Students will receive a certificate of participation

  • There will also be prizes up for grabs including some drones!

  • The cost of the workshop is $50 per team of 3 (plus booking fee) but if you are experiencing any financial difficulties feel free to reach out to


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