WoDC / AIDRC Corporate Cup

Delegates at WoDC 2018 could compete on simulators, racing around a track identical to the AIDRC Championship neon track only metres away. 

Two prizes  were awarded to the top 2 delegates who complete 3 laps in the shortest amount of time;

Prize #1

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) training package

Presented by The Ripper Group

Click here for full details

Prize #2

Drone ‘creative’ package

Presented by Drone Art Studios

Click here for full details

Australian Indoor Drone Racing Championship (AIDRC)

The inaugural Australian Indoor Drone Racing Championship (AIDRC) was held as part of the World of Drone Congress 2018 in Brisbane.

This event aimed to bring together the world’s greatest drone pilots for an uniquely Australian indoor event.

The disciplines included an;

  • Unlimited class;

  • Tiny Whoop (brushed micro) class; and 

  • Rotor Rush Simulator class. 

There were two Championship winners at this event.

The first was the Unlimited class pilot. 

The second, a combined Pilot who had the highest accumulative points across two of the 3 disciplines.

Please view the race track below.

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