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The Accelerator Hub at WoDC 2019 will target entrepreneurs, start-ups and new businesses, giving them an opportunity to demonstrate how their innovations and technologies can enhance Real Business and Opportunity in the Global Drone Economy – at a remarkably low cost. 

Participating in the Accelerator Hub provides opportunity for these new businesses and concepts to reach major decision makers across many sectors including government, defence and industry. Major WoDC partners, including the Queensland Government and the Australian Army plus delegations and representatives from China, Japan and Europe will visit Accelerator Hub so be sure to secure your place!

New businesses, ventures and start-ups can purchase single-day display space in the Accelerator Hub for just $250 + GST,  on either Thursday 26 or Friday 27 September.

To qualify, your business must be less than 2 years old, be an independent company (not a division of an established company or organisation) and must have a total capital of $350,000 or less.

To submit your expression of interest in the Accelerator Hub, please click here.

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