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Earlier this year, the WoDC 2019's team participated at the 4th Japan Drone Conference and Expo, which was held at the Makuhari Messe Convention Centre outside Tokyo from March 13 to 15. Organised by the Japan UAS Industrial Development Association, Japan Drone offers one of the largest exhibition of drones for business and private use in Asia.

The WoDC 2019's conveners Dr Catherine Ball and Mr Jon Gordon in collaboration with TIQ Japan (Trade and Investment Queensland) Senior Business Development Manager Melissa Inooka and a delegation from RAPAD (Remote Area Planning & Development Board) represented the World of Drones Congress at the exhibition with other 100+ companies. 

Japan Drone 2020 will be held from Wednesday, 25th of March to Friday 27th of March at the Mokuhari Messe Convention Centre.


Organising Committee Chair, Dr Catherine Ball, speaking at Japan Drone 2019



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